Cyrus IMAP authentication failure solution

I am managing a remote server (Debian) which accommodates an IMAP server (Cyrus). Users may set up an email client or check emails via a web browser, using SquirrelMail.

Today I have noticed that I could no longer check my emails. I would get an authentication failure message. I have checked and cross-checked my username and password. Both were correct. So what was wrong?

Getting via ssh on the remote server and launched:

ps aux | grep saslauthd

Nothing. No output.

Aha, saslauthd daemon is not running. Then lets try to start it up:

/etc/init.d/saslauthd start

At this point, it complaint that START variable must be set up to yes in order to automatically launch the daemon. Looking for /etc/default/saslauthd, I have noticed that there is another file /etc/default/saslauthd.dpkg-old.


Edit /etc/default/saslauthd, locate the line START = no, and replace it with START = yes, then again

/etc/init.d/saslauthd start

And it works. Checking my emails. It works fine, now.

So, what was the problem? An update overwrote my original file. Editing this file I realized that it stayed in default state START = no. Bringing START = yes, saving and restarting my daemon sorted out the problem. I did even a remote restart to be sure it is loading on reboot.

And yes it works.

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