Logo Polished

My logo, from previous post gets better. Curious thing, that I should to the company this prototype and a slightly modified version would be considered in the real world 🙂

Here is my progress so far:

and, the same, but with white background:

How to change rendering backgrounds?

Well, one option is to set up a plane on the back side of the image, which takes as a texture the picture I want to display in background. The advantage is that I can use the effects of dropping shadow on my plane.

Second option, which in fact I have used here is to go into Scene (F10Key) – Output Panel and change //backbuf with the image I want to display in background and to be sure that Backbuf button is selected. I couldn’t figure out thought, if there is an option to change the colour only, without adding an image with the colour I want (see bottom example, with white background).

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