Ruby on Rails – Tools I Use

Going with the hype, I am coding in Ruby on Rails and exclusively on a Mac.

As a text editor I am using TextMate. It was love at first sight (although shared) – I know, we are talking about community here. But as many of us, I would like to see more often updates and at once that pending version 2. It is something there which says that a version increment will make us much more happy. I have a feeling it is loosing slowly its vibe. For instance: Peepcode is releasing a screencast episode about Emacs, and I am also seeing more and more blogs talking about switching to either Emacs (Carbon or Aqua) or to MacVim.

CSSEdit 2 is filling my coding gear and it helps a lot in cleaning my templates. I am a dirty hand coder in the way I am using quite often something like <div style=” …. “> directly into my code, pushing only at the end for what I need to a style sheet.

I discovered git once with Rails and since it became my right hand in versioning. I never believed it can be so easy, doesn’t matter if you are online or offline, you are alone or working along with a team. More, I agree it is more productive to have that infinite hexa number instead of 1, 2, etc as your file/project version number, because you just code, don’t tend to compare. And because I love luxury, I am using a micro account with github. Yes, I have my own secrets there, too 😉

Ticketing and organizing my staff – I am into a personal level with the lighthouse. And the Lighthouse Keeper is giving me enough support whilst offline.

What about you?

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