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New month, new beginning. Welcome Cubicle Apps DMS!

I am glad to announce that my newest project developed “in the clouds” is now available for public beta testing. Welcome Cubicle Apps DMS!.

CubicleApps DMS

You are all invited to create an account, use the system to the maximum and send me your feedback.

What is all about?

Cubicle Apps DMS is designed as a document management system for tracking and storing electronic documents, images of paper documents which have set an expiry date, so you can organize them and get useful reports and alerts in regard to the expiry dates and renewal procedures.

What type of documents? Well any expiring documents. Read more in this introduction, which will be part of the end user manual.


During my career, I have been frequently asked by my employers and later on by my partners and clients to find and or craft a system which is dealing with expiring documents. So, I know my competition, I know the document workflow in typical small and medium sized companies and yes, I have the strong believe that this territory is still not well exploited and CubicleApps DMS found its niche.

In conclusion, please vist, register with an account, play around and let me what you think. In the same time, I’ll keep you updated with the progress and write more about the concepts and philosophy behind CubicleApps DMS. Enjoy!