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Marine Radio Alphabet and Numbers


A Alpha N November 1 one
B Bravo O Oscar 2 two
C Charlie P Papa 3 thuh-ree
D Delta Q Quebec 4 four
E Echo R Romeo 5 fi-yuv
F Foxtrot S Sierra 6 six
G Golf T Tango 7 seh-vun
H Hotel U Uniform 8 eight
I India V Victor 9 niner
J Juliet W Whiskey 0 zee-roh
K Kilo X X-ray  
L Lima Y Yankee  
M Mike Z Zulu  

Happy New Year!

Romanian Traditions:

“Sorcova” is a bouquet used for New Year’s wishes. Children invoke the divinity of vegetation for the health of the host in the morning of the first day of the New Year.

Firstly, children wish to the members of the family or to their neighbors and relatives a happy New Year while touching them lightly with this bouquet.

Merry Sorcova,
May your health be strong
And your life long:
As an apple tree
As a pear stately
As a rose bush fair
Blossoming beyond compare:
Strong as a granite rock
Quick as an arrow’s shock
Hard as an iron bar
Tougher than steel by far,
Over summer, over spring,
May your health be great
A New Year with happiness
And in everything success.

Happy New Year!

Source of “Sorcova” carol English version:

La mulți ani, 2008!

Primiți cu Sorcova?

Sorcova, vesela,
Să trăiți, să-înfloriți,
Ca un măr, ca un păr,
Ca un fir de trandafir,
Tare ca piatra,
Iute ca săgeata,
Tare ca fierul,
Iute ca oțelul,
La anul și la mulți ani!

Conform calendarului creștin ortodox, astăzi este:

1 M (+) Taierea imprejur cea dupa trup a Domnului; Sf. Vasile cel Mare. (Anul Nou)

How Safe Is Your Food?

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