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The Gimp-Reflection Plugin Screencast

The gimp-reflection plugin extends the lower section of an image as a reflection of the original image with a single click, similar effects to what you see on Apple’s website, iWeb, etc.

This screencast shows you how to download, install and use the gimp-reflection plugin. Enjoy!


The original image:

The result, after the one-click reflection filter is applied:

Easy, isn’t it?


CODE:FREE is an open source and free software art magazine. It contains only images done with help of free software. It is in pdf format and is freely available for download.


Few More Improvements to “Perfect Shipping” Logo

perfect shipping logo

Blender file: perfect_shipping_02.blend

Rope Modelling in Blender

Looking at my previous design, I would like to add a rope to the anchor. I have researched the Internet for different techniques how to achieve this, and here is what I found on YouTube, Making a Rope with Blender’s 3D Tool:

A 3D Draft Logo Designed in Blender

My Blender adventure continues. Here is a 3D draft logo, I have imagined today:

Perfect Shipping Logo

Plus the Blender source: perfect_shipping_01.blend

Tips & Tricks: Blender – How To Find the Angle Between Two Random Edges

In Blender, to find the angle between two random edges in the same plane, we need to select the three vertices which are forming our edges (the intersection point, and the vertices which are defining our edges). Fkey to create a face (if they are not forming already one) and then, press Edge Angles in Mesh Tools 1 panel.

Source: Robert Burke – “Precision Modeling (A Guide to modelling parts and components accurately using Blender” (page 54)

10 Trends That Will Define Logo Design in 2008

Logo Polished

My logo, from previous post gets better. Curious thing, that I should to the company this prototype and a slightly modified version would be considered in the real world 🙂

Here is my progress so far:

and, the same, but with white background:

How to change rendering backgrounds?

Well, one option is to set up a plane on the back side of the image, which takes as a texture the picture I want to display in background. The advantage is that I can use the effects of dropping shadow on my plane.

Second option, which in fact I have used here is to go into Scene (F10Key) – Output Panel and change //backbuf with the image I want to display in background and to be sure that Backbuf button is selected. I couldn’t figure out thought, if there is an option to change the colour only, without adding an image with the colour I want (see bottom example, with white background).

Logo in Blender

To Do: match original colors and fit in a nice background and lights.

Precision Modelling

Following Robert Brook’s tutorial, I have completed next two chapters: