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Modelling a 608 Bearing

My adventure in Blender’s 3D world continues with modelling a 608 bearing, based on the tutorial/book Precision Modelling by Robert Brook.

Today, I have completed first three parts:

  1. Reference Geometry – b015_608_bearing_part_01.blend
  2. The Inner and Outer Race – b016_608_bearing_part_02.blend
  3. Adding the Ball Bearings – b017_608_bearing_part_033.blend

To summarize new things I have just learned:

  1. I can create a face from two vertices (Fkey). Until now, I have always associated a face with the union of three or more vertices, but pressing Fkey, I can create an edge between two vertices.
  2. How to draw a fillet and a chamfer. I will not detail anything here. Second part of the tutorial explains everything better I can do myself.
  3. Hkey is used to hide selected vertices. Whilst I have tried to model the body of the vessel, a week ago, I wished I knew this shortcut. It simplifies a lot the model so it is easier to add new elements without going too messy in Editing / Wired(Zkey) mode.
  4. To place the 3D cursor in the of a selection, I need to select two or more vertices and bring up the snap menu (Shift+S) then select Cursor->Selection.

I hope this tips will be useful as well for other people not too experienced with Blender.

Ship Modeling in Blender

Putting all I have learned into practice – modeling a real crane barge in Blender. Here comes a screenshot of my model.

Ship Modeling

Main difficulties I have encountered were in the curve areas at the stairs, (see front view), where I tried all my best to use 4 vertices per face, those avoiding faces made from 3 vertices.

I still need some more practice 🙂

Back to Gus – our GingerBread Man

Now, Gus is detailed, and rendered as follows:


Blender file is here: b009_gus_detailed_cont.blend .

Blender Architecture

And my blender file b011_architecture_blender_part3, before applying the background.

This has been done, based on the tutorial of Yorik van Havre – “A (first) introduction to architecture modeling with Blender”.

Gus – the Gingerbread Man

Following the Blender tutorial, here is the result of the first phase randering of our Gus – the gingerbread man.


And attached is my b007_gus.blend file.

A (first) introduction to architecture modeling with Blender

“A (first) introduction to architecture modeling with Blender” is a general, but step-by-step introduction to quick architecture modelling with Blender by Yorik van Havre.

I have downloaded the .blend file and I am definitely impressed with the final result.

More details here.

Tennis Ball in Blender

Playing around with Blender, I could obtain the above tennis ball.


Simple. Following the guide How to model a tennis ball, which you can find on Blender Artists forum or Blender’s wiki 🙂

And here is my .blend file: b006_tennis_ball.blend .

It is a very good exercise for those who want to get familiar with Blender’s interface.